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Session 1 | 8:30am – 9:30am 

Welcome and Announcements.   Come learn what will be happening at the conference!
Location: Grant Creek Ballroom (Salon D)

Session 2 | 9:30 am – 12:00 pm & 1:15pm – 4:30pm (All day alternate session)

Session 2 | Alternate Session Zones of regulation Webinar – Leah Kuypers

Location: Salon G

Session 3 | 10:00am – 12:00pm

Session 3.1 | Coaching Conversations to Increase Skills and Understanding- Nikki Sandve

Location: Bitterroot C

Session 3.2 | Hot Topics in Special Education for Educators- Frank Podobnik/ OPI (Spec Ed Directors: See Friday Session)

Location: Salon D

Session 3.3 | Getting the Most out of your Tablet (repeated in PM)- Jeff Crews & Dean Phillips, Beyond the Chalk

Location: Salon C

Session 3.4 | Getting Started in Montana Telepractice- Rachel Stansberry, Central MT Learning Resource Coop

Location: Salon B

Session 3.5 | Fostering Partnerships with Head Start and IDEA Service Providers- Danni McCarthy, OPI

Location: Bitterroot A

Session 3.6 | Farm to Early Care and Education: Promising Practices in Experiential Education and Health and Wellness- Lacy Stephens, National Farm to School Network

Location: Bitterroot B

Session 3.7 | The Process of Discovery as an Age Appropriate Transition Assessment for Students with Significant Disabilities- Ellen Condon, Rural Institute for Inclusive Communities

Location: Salon A

Session 3.8 | Implementing Student-led IEPs- Mary Di Biase, June Hermanson, MT Youth in Transitions

Location: Salon E

Session 3.9 | Special Education 101: IEP Students in the Regular Education Classroom- Sue Corrigan. Kalispell School District

Location: Salon F

Lunch on your own | 12:00pm-1:15pm

Session 4 | 1:15pm-3:15pm

Session 4-1 | Emerging Legal Issues in Special Education- Tal Goldin & Andre Larose, Disability Rights Montana

Location: Salon C

Session 4-2 | Helpful Tips for New Special Education Directors Frank Podobnik, Dick Trerise & OPI staff

Location: Salon C

Session 4-3 | 3.Getting the Most out of your Tablet (repeat of AM session)- Jeff Crews & Dean Phillips, Beyond the Chalk

Location: Salon C

Session 4-4 | Tips & Tricks for Organization, Communication and Data- Teri Dierenfield & Molly Roe, West Valley School

Location: Salon B

Session 4-5 | 5. Getting the Most Out of Each Day: Building Learning into Transitions-Jill Christensen, OPI

Location: Salon F

Session 4-6 | Our Youth are Your Youth- Erin Butts, OPI; Kimberly Cederberg, Pine Hills School; Drew Ueker, Great Falls Schools, Marisa Britton-Bostwick, Montana State Prison, Keith Myer, Shodair Children’s Hospital; Susan Quinn & Thomas Moore, Great Falls Schools

Location: Salon A

Session 4-7 | Off To Work We Go -Kyle Gillespie, Great Falls College-MSU

Location: Salon A/B

Session 5 | 3:30pm – 4:30pm Exhibitor Showcase.

These are two 25 minutes sessions.  You must attend 2 in order to obtain credit.

Session 5-1 | The Role of Certified Orientation & Mobility Specialist in the home, school & community: Early Intervention & Beyond- MT Ind Living Project- Melanie Bush, Chris Siller

Location: Salon A

Session 5-2 |The PAX Good Behavior Game: Dr. Dennis Embry & Claire Richardson, Paxis Institute: Karl Rosston, DPHHS

Location: Salon D

Session 5-3 |3.Meeting Intervention Challenges- Joyce Nace McGraw-Hill Education

Location: Salon C

Session 5-4 | Serving students with Hearing Loss or Blind/low vision: TOGETHER WE ARE BETTER- Catherine Griffin & Sarah Eyer, MSDB

Location: Salon E

Session 5-5 | What’s up with PLUK? Roger Holt, Jennifer Gaston-Smith, PLUK

Location: Salon F

Session 5-6 |  Become a Unified Champion School- Leann Dolly-Powell, Special Olympics Montana

Location: Salon G

Session 8 |11:45am – 1:15pm 

Luncheon  |  CSPD Awards

Session 9  | 1:30pm – 3:30pm

Session 9-1 | Google Tools for Administrators: Jeff Crews & Dean Phillips, Beyond the Chalk

Location: Salon ABC

Session 9-2 | From Diagnosis to First Grade: What Preschool Programs for Children Diagnosd with ASD Need to Teach- PART 2 Ann Garfinkle, UM

Location: Salon D

Session 9-3 | The PAX Good Behavior Game: Preventing Youth Suicides and Bettering the Futures for Montana’s Youth- Dr. Dennis Embry & Claire Richardson, Paxis Institute: Karl Rosston, DPHHS

Location: Salon EFG

Session 9-4 | Making Secondary Transitions Matter- Part 2 Tim Garrett, Jake West, Helena Schools; Marla Swanby, OPI

Location: Bitterroot ABC

Session 10 | 3:50pm – 4:50pm Cracker Barrel Presentations

Must attend two 25 minute sessions in order to obtain credit.

Session 10-1 | Multi State Alternate Assessement Overview- Yvonne Field, OPI

Location: Bitterroot A

Session 10-2 | How the OPI Montana Autism Education Project can help you. For FREE!- Doug Doty. OPI

Location: Salon D

Session 10-3 | Good, Better, Best: Differentiated Early Literacy Instruction for Student Success- Ann Ellsworth, MSU

Location: Salon B

Session 10-4 | Literature Which Builds Important Math Skills and Math Vocabulary in Young Children- Jill Christensen, OPI

Location: Salon A

Session 10-5 | Google Tools to help Exceptional Learners- Dean Phillips, Beyond the Chalk

Location: Salon C

Session 10-6 | Google Cardboard- Jeff Crews, Beyond the Chalk

Location: Bitterroot B/C

Session 10-7 | Developing a Transition Plan- Jill Myre. Baker Public Schools

Location: Salon G

Session 10-8 | Pre- Employment Transition Services- Ellen Condon & Melissa Dadmun, Rural Institute for Inclusive Communities

Location: Salon F

Session 10-9 | Resources to Support Paraedcators and those who Work with Them- Nancy Marks, OPI Para Consortium

Location: Salon E

Session 11 | 8:00am – 11:15am

Session11-1 | MCASE Roundtable Discussion for Special Education Administrators: Changes in Montana Special Education- Frank Podobnik, OPI and Jenifer Cline, MCASE

Location: Salon F

Session 11-2 |  What’s New with Technology? Jeff Crews & Dean Phillips, Beyond the Chalk

Location: Salon C

Session 11-3 | Where the Wild Words Are: Interactive Storybook Strategies and Conversations to Build Young Children’s Language and Learning- Lucy Hart-Paulson, UM

Location: Salon A

Session 11-4 | Challenges with Motivating Learners on the Autism Spectrum: “The Reward System” as One Example- Ann Garfinkle, UM

Location: Salon E

Session 11-5 | Neuro- diversity, Helping Your Typically Developing Students Understand- Jennifer Closson

Location: Bitterroot A

Session 11-6 | The PAX Good Behavior Game: Preventing Youth Suicides and Bettering the Futures for Montana’s Youth- Dr. Dennis Embry & Claire Richardson, Paxis Institute: Karl Rosston, DPHHS

Location: Bitterroot B

Session 11-7 | 7 Navigating the Developmental Disabilities (DD) System- Kelly McNurlin, DD

Location: Salon G

Session 11-8 | 8. The Behavior Code: Strategies, Tools, and Interventions for Supporting Challenging Students- Libby Johnson, RedLodge Schools

Location: Salon D

Session 11-9 | Multiple Needs? Multiple Options: Working Together to Meet the Needs of Multi-Exceptional Students- Estee Aiken UM-W & Tracey Missett- UM

Location: Salon B

Session 11-10 | Cane Connections: Orientation and Mobility – Kerri Norick, Barbara Balko. MSDB

Location: Clark Fork Boardroom

Session 11-11 | Postural Care: Training Teams to Build New Routines – Tamara Kittelson-Aldred, Arwen Kittelson-Alred, Posture 24-7

Location: Bitterroot C

Other activities to make note of throughout the conference.

  • Wednesday |  12:00pm – 1:15pm

    Lunch on your own.

  • Wednesday | 4:30pm – 5:30pm

    MCASE Legislative Bills Discussion
    Salon A

  • Wednesday | 4:30pm – 5:00pm

    University Credit meeting.  If taking for University credit you must attend this session.
    Salon B

  • Thursday | 11:45am – 1:00pm

    CSPD Awards Luncheon  
    Join us to celebrate!


    Please let us know if you need Vegetarian option.  Contact Deb Reed at the registration desk.

  • Thursday |  5:00pm – 5:30pm

    Annual MCEC  Membership Meeting 

    Win door prizes – gift cards and an annual CEC Membership!
    Provide input for our annual plan.
    No host bar in the atrium.

    Salon E

  • Thursday | 5:40pm – 7:00pm

    No–Host Bar Social & Hors D’oeuvres 
    MCEC & MCASE Distinguished Service Awards
    Door Prizes
    social pic

    Grant Creek Ballroom Salon D